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Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

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ShopTalk » Podcast Feed

A live podcast about front end web design and UX.

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  1. 492: Paravel’s Building an App – What’s the Tech Stack? Also:, Vue, Slinkity, and Quantity Leading to Quality
  2. 491: YouTube Benders, CSS Performance, Learning New CSS in 2022, Building a Great Embed, and Creating Slides
  3. 490: Web3, Cryptobucks, HTML is Ok, Tailwind Tokens, and Getting Excited About CSS
  4. 489: Landing Web Clients, Native App vs Web App, and Dave Wants LinkedIn Friends
  5. 488: Sportsball Moments, WordPress Block Editor, WYSIWYG Editors, Cloning Notion, and How to Focus on Accessibility

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